Mommy's Favorite Links   If I had all my baby gear removed and was allowed one thing- I would keep my Sleep Wrap. I must get asked 5x a day, as does my husband, when he wears the baby, "Where did you get that?  Oh my goodness!" Must have.

Zulily - This is my favorite place to shop for kids' clothes. They sell discounted designer baby duds and mommy's intimate

Car seat inspection station - Check your local area for proper car seat installation and use. Keep the little ones safe! It's imperative to have your seat checked if you're a first time parent. The Health Department told us over 99% of people installing alone are doing it incorrectly and that really gives a the baby a disadvantage in a collision.
Sunscreen: The Ugly Truth - an interesting read on sunscreen and what the FDA is NOT saying. Please, if you're unaware of the truth about most sunscreens, read this information. It will definitely help you make safer choices in what sunscreen you and your family buy. Email me directly through the blog if you would like to know what we are using and how we came to decide.
The best deal on diapers  - A great deal: no tax (in most states), no shipping if over $49, delivered to your door. Less expensive than (and the best way to avoid) Target. We buy 75% of our baby items through this website.  Gas is $4.00 a gallon and it saves me the trip and the time.  It's a Baa-Gin!!

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