About Me

A little about me…..

Let’s establish something from the beginning, I love my children- I downright worship them. I feel very blessed that their souls chose me as their mommy and I am thankful, almost daily, for their existence. With that said, I think of them, as well as all children as messy little bank account draining scream machines that have the strangest things living in their diapers and fingernails. I must admit that I am grateful for the classes I took in forensic psychology and criminology as they have become priceless tools in rearing my little nuggets of poop. 

After I had my second child in 2008, I decided to stay at home temporarily- like 6 months. Plans changed and after becoming pregnant 3 weeks after I delivered him, my husband and I decided I would be home a little longer. 17 months later when I was considering returning to the brain stimulating workplace, we learned Thing 4 was on his way. Many times I have said I am just an overly educated stay at home mother but I have reconsidered the importance of my education in light of the fact that I am managing- or dictating- a home with 4 children……and a caveman. As Tim Allen says, “Arg Arg.”

Ok, blah blah, here are some things about me:

1. I am a hot blooded Aries/Italian/Russian/German.
2. I love wine.
3. I am a natural blond and colored my hair dark in a fit of hormones during pregnancy (I now match my children).
4. I love wine.
5. I grew up in Fort Lauderdale and my tribe and I reside in Boca Raton, Florida.
6. I love wine.
7. I celebrate Christmas but and happy to accept 8 gifts for Hanukah if you insist.
8. I love wine.
9. I hate cleaning, would rather have a housekeeper than electricity. So that’s how I roll. She gets paid before electric bill.
10. Did I mention I love wine?
11. The caveman and I love to travel- Beachy vacations and winter vacas too- I love skiing, he loves snowboarding.
12. I relish fine dining and I DO NOT, I repeat- DO NOT eat group food. That includes the buffet breakfasts at any 5 star hotel. Call it snobbery or call it basic hygiene. We will save that for a blog post one day very soon.
13. My future slave team is: Lexi, 9, Max, 2, Vivienne, 2 and Baby Boy to be is due in January 2011. Current team member is my caveman, Rick.
14. Speaking of Rick, I married my bestest bestie ever and love him more and more every day. Super special. Not short bus special… he is REALLY special. (butterflies in tummy love). 
15. I don't like chocolate. Yes, you heard right- I can't stand it. I know, strange. Let's keep strange in context- you're reading about someone who was pregnant 3 weeks after delivering one baby with the next. Yeah.  Perhaps we have established "nuts" instead of "strange."
16. Ok, do you really want to hear more? Then, I’ll need more wine. 

This is my personal blog and if I offend you, please leave- do not leave me negative comments or they will be deleted. There is no freedom of speech here- only when it benefits me. If you send me hate mail, please label it accordingly so I can place you in my Diaper Genie.

I would love to have you become part of the My Diaper Diaries blog family. Please subscribe to my Twitter page, Facebook and RSS feed. I would love, love, love to hear from you.

In love and light….and of course, dirty diapers,

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